Common antidotes to homeopathy


There are many things that can  reverse the effectiveness of your homeopathic remedies. They may not interfere with the effectiveness for ALL clients though. Some clients have no interference in their homeopathic remedies at all. This is a common list, however, it may not effect all people. These are just some things that can interfere with the effectiveness of homeopathic remedies. Each individual is different. Our family has been using homeopathy for  5 years. We use homeopathy and essential oils without any problems. I would not recommend oils to someone that is just starting constitutional remedy, as the vital force is weak in the beginning and decreasing the effectiveness of homeopathy could happen easily. Our family is effected more by synthetic chemicals, candles, and chlorine. Everyone is different.

Avoid camphor, menthol, eucalyptus scents.  These can reverse the effectiveness of your remedies. Avoid heating rubs, vapor rubs. Avoid mint tea. Avoid the smell of moth balls.

Coffee of all types. Even decaf coffee can lesson the effectiveness of homeopathy. For many, drinking, smelling and preparing coffee is NOT a problem. However, if you are a person who is sensitive to coffee and have noticed it having effects on your nervous system, then it could be an an issue for you.

Dental work can reverse your remedy. You may have to redose after a dental procedure or cleaning.

Emotional and physical trauma can decrease effectiveness of homeopathy.

Tea tree oil can reverse homeopathy, also.

Avoid changes in your lifestyle, routine  including vitamins, supplements while we are evaluating the action of your remedy. This makes is easier to determine if changes are from  the remedy rather than a change in your diet or supplements.

Avoid brushing your teeth for an hour before or after brushing your teeth. I would find a toothpaste without mint when you begin homeopathy. Just err on the safe side. If you feel that you have reversed your remedy it is always OK to re-dose.

Avoid food or drinks 30 minutes before or after taking your remedy.

Often, I feel anxious and overwhelmed when I have come into contact with chemicals that reverse my remedy. When my children get hyper, giddy and/or angry all of the sudden, it usually indicates that something environmental has decreased effectiveness of their remedy. We just re-dose and see improvement shortly after.