What to expect after a consitutional remedy

Homeopathy treats the whole person. After you take your remedy, you can feel better mentally and emotionally, but develop some physical symptoms of detox. You may feel tired and sleep better or need to take a nap. Homeopathic remedies stimulate your body to heal itself. When this happens  your body needs to rest. My children began to take naps and sleep more peacefully. I felt really tired when I started my remedy but when I slept I woke up rested.

Some physical detox of the body may occur-this is a good thing. Examples of detox can include: skin rashes, facial break outs, possible diarrhea, and fevers could develop as the immune system “kicks on” and works to heal your body. These changes may be uncomfortable, but are necessary as the body begins healing from the inside out. A fever is a good sign that the immune system is doing what it is meant to do-fight off pathogens. It is best to let the immune system begin to work. Often we have been in a state of suppression or dysregulation (from medications or toxic burden) and our body’s natural ability to heal itself has  been compromised. If you experience any disturbances that are odd or new, please feel free to email and update me.