About Me


Prior to becoming a mother, I had clinical background in  cardiac nursing. In 2010, I quit my job after both of my beautiful boys were diagnosed with autism and a multitude of chronic health issues including PANS, Chiari malformation of the brain, food allergies and immune dysregulation , and, most recently, Mast cell activation disorder. It has been the MOST rewarding/difficult job I have ever held.

In March of 2011, we started our family’s path to healing with Angelica Lemke N.D. We have had amazing improvement in emotional and physical well-being by using natural health options including homeopathy, biomedical and other natural gifts of the earth.

In 2012, my children were evaluated by a neuro-developmental pediatrician and no longer meet the qualifications for Autism.  They both continue to progress with Homeopathic treatment. I am forever grateful to Angelica. She is an amazing healer and mentor.

My oldest son was recently diagnosed with Mast cell activation disorder.  He is our sensitive case. Recently, we have found that a toxic school environment was a big part of his 2 year set back in health. We have witnessed a HUGE change in his health, cognition, and emotional well being since pulling him out to home school. He is able to rest, heal and learn at his own pace, but, most importantly, be himself.  We are finally seeing true healing that is lasting and it is a wonderful blessing. His mast cell disorder has responded beautifully to a cleaner more organic home environment, some main stream medical treatment and homeopathic treatment.

After watching my own children suffer with chronic issues, I became very passionate seeking out natural options for   health and wellness.   I studied at the Caduceus Institute of Classical Homeopathy and also with Angelica Lemke N.D.’s Expansion School. In the spirit of natural health and wellness, my primary goal with Hope with Homeopathy is to provide my clients with the tools to balancing the body, offering natural health options and bringing our bodies back to it’s  state of wellness.

Heather Stafford