Tristan’s journey

Tristan came into this world after a long delivery. He was almost my Christmas baby. He had issues nursing, at first, but soon was nursing like a champ. He cried a lot. If he wasn’t being held he cried. I felt that something was wrong. He had colic. He developed right on time and made all his milestones up until one year old. He continued to be a high strung baby. He needed held all the time. He went through many GERD medications and still had tummy issues. He only seemed to want me. He hated to go on car rides. He hated to have people over. He didn’t like food. He only wanted milk. Life was very difficult with Hunter being sick and now a our youngest child was having issues, as well.

At his one year old well check up, I requested a Birth to three evaluation. He started birth to three services immediately. He started to have projectile vomiting at that time and also terrible foul diarrhea up to 10 times a day. Something was wrong. At 18 months, he had an upper GI test and also an EGD to check for celiac. He had elevated liver and pancreatic enzymes but no one could give me answers as to why? I was determined to help him. We went gluten free and he immediately had less diarrhea and less vomit. Shortly after, we went casein free.

Tristan continued to have major problems with OCD, meltdowns, rages that lasted up to an hour. At 20 months, we went on a family vacation. It was a disaster. He NEVER stayed or slept anywhere but home. When it came time for him to sleep at night, he slammed his head so hard, intentionally, on the ceramic tile, that he looked like he had a a 2 liter pop lid growing out of his head. He would escape from us if we let him walk in public. Life was a battlefield. We could not take him out of the house for more than 15-30 minutes. He could not stand being around other people. Screaming and poop smearing were are lives. We were so sleep deprived between the two kid’s awful sleep patterns. At 22 months, he was diagnosed with autism.

Tristan made wonderful improvements in speech and social skills in the two years he had Birth to three services. We kept him on gluten/casein free diet and began seeing a DAN doctor. He began preschool and made great gains, as well. He enjoyed the other kids and followed rules and started to play with other kids.

In January 2010, when Hunter had his tonsils out, Tristan began to exhibit extreme rage and OCD. We literally were afraid to get in the car with the kids. They would start raging in the car, hitting, kicking screaming and nearly kicking out the windows. The violence was out of control. Then once Hunter had his tonsils out, Tristan started getting very sick. He was getting the fevers of 105 and had many trips to the doctor and the emergency room for care. I was afraid to lose my kids to this horrid disease known as PANS/PANDAS. In June of 2011, Tristan followed his brother with our homeopathy journey. He started his remedy and we saw slow and steady gains.

Now, he is social butterfly. We can go anywhere and he is eager to visit new places and go on adventures.  He always wants friends to come over and play and he loves to go visit anyone that will have him over. The school is amazed at him and they cannot even believe he ever had an autism diagnosis. His academics are far ahead of his actual grade level. He is eager to learn and read. He is such a brilliant fun loving boy. Those that started with him on this journey, know that he is a real miracle. Hope for healing is always possible.