Skype Consultations

To schedule and appointment, please email me at My Skype name is heathstaff

What to expect:

I strongly suggest that you read the book Impossible Cure before your appointment, for a basic understanding of homeopathy and natural wellness.

You can email some basic information about your child or yourself prior to the consult. Be sure to note anything that you think is related to changes in you or your child’s health. Examples: traumatic experiences, anything you think is important, at

Make sure your camera on your computer allows for me to see you from the waist up during your consult. Body language is an important part of the consult.

Be prepared to talk about your (or your child’s) likes, dislikes, fears, unusual symptoms, past medical history and or your pregnancy, food cravings/aversions, odd behaviors, routines or obsessions. Don’t be afraid to let go and speak whatever you feel. You will be asked to close your eyes and talk about your (or your child’s feelings) feelings when your are happy. You will also be asked to close your eyes and describe the emotional state when you are at your sickest and most vulnerable state.

Make sure you have tissues, drinks or a snack as this consult could take 2-3 hours. It will take 1-2 days (typically 24 hours) me to get back with you with your wellness coaching plan. I like to research all possible options to get the correct action plan for your case. I will email you your instructions.

Complex homeopathy intake  $300.

Payment is due in full, on day of service.
You will be billed half your consult fee if you cancel your appointment less that 24 hours in advance.

Follow ups are recommended every 4-6 weeks in the beginning of your case.A follow up is necessary to evaluate your response  and if wellness changes need to be made.
Follow up fee is $100

Intermediate Homeopathy appointment (should you have questions before your next scheduled wellness appointment)   20 min Skype $40
If you have questions that require lengthy emails or frequent emailing, it is best to try to schedule a short Skype to update.

If you need to email straight forward questions, or comments these are free. If  you have acute issues arise or need in depth analysis via email and frequent emails,  you will be charged $25 per hour.