Initial Homeopathic intake  $300


 **If you wish to have gemmotherapy added to the intake, it will be an additional $75 per person.


Follow up homeopathy appointment one person.
1 hour session cost   $100


Follow up for 2 or more family members $150.

Additional 30 min intervals are $50 for additional time added to your follow up.

**Please note**
More than an hour and half may be needed for multiple family members.


 A full  homeopathic intake can take 2-3 hours. Be prepared to talk about your(or your child’s) likes, dislikes, fears, unusual symptoms, past medical history and or your pregnancy, food cravings/aversions, odd behaviors or obsessions. You can also include any information that you find was related to your health disturbance. Please try to have all of your paperwork filled out and returned prior to your consult. 



Acute Homeopathic Consult

New Client – $75

Established Client – $50


Usually this is 30 minutes via skype.  I recommend you purchase an acute care kit for situations that need an acute remedy. I like the 36 remedy Helios kit. I have had it for three years. Very good product for the money. I also have a 100 remedy kit from Angelica Lemke. We use Source Homeopathy for our remedies. If you are my client, I will email you the password to order your remedies from them at


Intermediate Wellness appointment (between homeopathic follow ups)

20 minute Skype $40


If you have any needs or questions between follow ups that require lengthy emails or frequent emailing, it is best to try to schedule a short Skype to update me.

If  you have acute issues arise or need in depth questions and coaching via email and are unable to schedule  an acute Skype appointment, you will be charged $25 per email.


Gemmotherapy evaluation
(If you are not a homeopathic client)

$100 per person

Follow up gemmotherapy  appointments $50 per person


Gemmotherapy is the application of plant embryonic tissues for health maintenance and restoration that is accomplished through drainage, detoxification, immune stimulation, and nutrition. Gemmotherapy is produced from  the plant in its infant state and contain the growth material for the entire plant. These contain more vitamins, minerals and growth material than any part of the plant. This tissue contains stem cells and these stem cells have great regenerative power on the body. (Lauren Hebele, Gemmotherapy for Everyone, An introduction to acute care, 2016).  The use of Gemmotherapy  liquid drops daily, helps strengthen, and cleanse the organs. By adding in gemmos, the body is able to eliminate toxins and decrease inflammation, allowing the body to return to homeostasis and a healthy state.


Parent counseling support consult

1 hour consult fee $60
Thirty minute consult fee $30


This can be for general support during your wellness journey or it can also be for other practitioners to refer for consulting their clients on specific wellness challenges. We can talk about general wellness issues or specific to your journey that I have experience with.


 Cancellation Policy

While I understand that obstacles come up and make keeping an appointment difficult, I do have to balance that with my time limitations and clientele. I book long appointments to accommodate all of your  concerns so I ask that you please respect the cancellation policy. If you are unable to keep an appointment, please give 24 hours notice. You can cancel or reschedule via my email. For appointments cancelled or reschedule with 24 hour notice there will be no charge. 24 hour notice is required for all cancellations or rescheduling, otherwise a cancellation fee of half of the appointment rate will apply. Repeated missed appointments may result in termination of my services.