My Journey

In 2008, my oldest son Hunter, was diagnosed with autism. We waited for nearly 8 months for that diagnosis. He was nearly 5 years old. All the doctors told us was that Applied Behavior Analysis was our best bet for helping him. They slapped a book down and sent us on our way. They said “this is all you can do, there is no medical treatment for autism.”

I knew there had to be a medical reason tied into autism. I mean, how can they just chop it up to a mental health issue? That was insane. I read Jenny’s book. Yes-that book. I decided to implement a biomedical approach and search out a DAN doctor. Our son got better. He started talking more and having short conversations. Things were looking up, again.

During all of this, we had a second son, Tristan. After he was born, I watched him like a hawk. He had many digestive issues, hated being around people, and screamed his head off in the car seat. By 1 year old, I knew he had some serious issues. After his first birthday, he started birth to three(for developmentally delayed children). On October 28, 2010, my second sweet baby was diagnosed with autism. Our hearts were shattered. What were we going to do? Tristan was started on the biomedical journey just like his brother and he, too, started to improve.

Once Autism hit our house, we went after more natural treatments. We traveled to see a Biomedical doctor. Gluten/casein free was our new mantra. Prescribed vitamins, cod liver oils for the brain, probiotics for the leaky guts and organic foods and chemical free living.

In December of 2010, PANDAS DISORDER(Pediatric autoimmune neuro-psychiatric associated with streptococci) took over at our house. That is what lead me to the magical experience with homeopathy. We were doing well on biomedical treatments until OCD, rage, and fears took over both of our son’s. No mainstream doctors had heard of the disorder. It was brand new back then. Through many hours of reading, facebook friends, and a blog, I found the miracle of homeopathy.

With a huge leap of faith and a prayer, I made our first homeopathic appointment. It has been an upward climb ever since. After 4 years of natural wellness support, our sons are thriving in school,  talk non-stop, maintain honor roll grades and have friends. Homeopathy has been the icing on the cake for healing our family. So, I would love to give back and help others in similar situations. It is time to balance our lives and take back our health.