Autism/PANDAS Testimonial and case study

This case is a family that I have been working with since May 2018. Ethan is and 8 year old boy with a history of frequent ear and sinus infections and a drastic change in his behavior after a strep infection. He presented with OCD, teeth grinding, sensory issues, chewing on clothes, constipation, rage, aggression and jealousy of this sister. If his routine is interrupted he gets very upset and acts out aggressively. He has a history of antibiotic use. He has not had a fever in a few years.

His parents worked with a homeopath previously and although they saw improvements in many things, his PANDAS symptoms lingered. His parents wanted to address, social issues, mood, communication delay, sleep and detox issues.

I began with a drainage gemmo to help support elimination and detox. I like to address elimination issues with a gemmo first and then move on to a homeopathic remedy to address the total picture a client presents with. Making sure elimination and detox pathways are assisted first, really helps to lesson any aggravation of symptoms once we begin homeopathy.

July 2018 : He is pinching his sister more. He is talking in 7-8 word sentences. He sits quietly and stayed with the group when on social outings. He will answer short answers. He isn’t running off anymore. His hand-writing is better. He is still on the move all the time. We still have a lot of laughing.

Over the next several months Ethan experienced nice gains in his language skills. He is eager to let others hear his voice and always wants to be included in activities at church, home school gatherings and family functions. Mom reports that at Christmas all the family members were very impressed at his socialization and his generally calm mood. Mom reports the kids have been doing presentations in homeschool coop. Ethan did a power point presentation and he did all slides perfectly. We continue to see progress. He is very calm at school now. He sits and answers questions and is quiet during school. He is playing games on Xbox with his sister well. We have heard many new words.

After 9 months of working with this family, we had solid gains but still some OCD that was lingering. The parents reached out for help with their daughter that was showing signs of irrational fears and panic. Once I started working with their daughter, things started to move forward more for both children.

Summer of 2019, after their daughter Kasey had been seeing me for 4 months. Both children are doing better. Kasey is less fearful, and interacting with her brother in a playful manner. She is really enjoying her brother coming out of his shell. They are playing “hide and seek” and also video games.

Summer of 2019, they took a trip to the beach for the first time ever. Both children enjoyed it so much. Ethan never tried to elope. He had such a great time. Mom reports” at the beach he was great. He played perfectly in the water.” He keeps asking us “when are we gonna come back?”
They started back to homeschool. His mom reports ” his hand writing is finally much better. He is doing 3/4 of his work that I give to him. He is doing second grade work now and that makes my heart happy”

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