Case study: Four year old with Autism/PANDAS/Apraxia

May 2015

The mother reported that her son was working with another homeopath  and he got very aggravated with a lot of hand swinging, striking out, screeching and brain cries,

Client M:

Does not point or wave.
Only says mom/dad
Hyper, fast, busy, quick
Ammonia smelling stool
Stool liquid and undigested food in stools
Various food allergies
Smears bowel movements after starting with last practitioner
Seems more engaged
He said mommy and daddy since starting  homeopathy
Still has comprehension and problems following directions
Still not responding much when we call his name.
Not potty trained
Strikes mom and kicks
Seems like he is in pain

Patient history:

Pregnancy/delivery–traumatic, emergency C-section, lots of medications given for pain,  steroids, Tylenol, Nystatin, Benadryl ,ect.

He had issues breast feeding.
Lots of infections, colds, ect during first year.

Very controlling of others
Likes routine.
Wants what he wants when he wants it!

OCD- have to have everything in order. If toys are out of place he will move it to the right place. Likes organized.

Separation anxiety is BAD. Will  cry if mom is in the shower and grab her arm while she is in there. Has to be by her.

Lots of laughing and giggling, aversion to dad, doesn’t like sound of rushing water, fear of dark, and fear of being alone in bed.

Mom reports some eczema flaring up, and bowel movements becoming more normal formed and brown in color, not as much undigested food.  He is making ticking sounds with his mouth but he is happy and playful. He is really paying attention to me and he did great at his recent doctor check up.

He is saying new words: water, goodbye, owl. He is really playful, playing with other kids(this he has never done), focus is better, sits and watches t.v. with us. Drinking a LOT of water. Not as upset with things being out of place. If he gets upset, he calms down so much easier. He is patient now. BIG appetite.  He is chewing his fingers, toenails and clothes. He is doing this windmill like movement with his arms(new for him). Lots of finger movements(new).  Facial grimacing. He is grasping his genitals a lot. He is playing in his urine. He has been rubbing his genitals on other kids at school. He is refusing to shower. He is  potty training more now. He goes 2-3 hours without any accidents. He wakes up dry in the morning now.

August 2nd follow up

Mouth clicking tic on and off. He is sleeping through the night. No bad dreams. He has even more words: says beeble for bible, more letters of alphabet- F, J, O, B, likes to sing (new for him).

Has some issues of kicking and screaming like when he was 2 years old. Potty training is going well. More sociable and playing more. Coughing in sleep almost like he chokes. He is following the routines at school, listening to me better, following commands will wash and dry hands with instruction. , New songs and words: “oh happy day”, cup, yellow, cupcake, itsy bitsy spider

Chewing finger nails, clothes, smearing poop on the walls, grinding teeth a lot, sucking toes and strong ammonia smell of urine and stool.

September 9th  follow up

His mood is better than ever. Sometimes he gets a little upset when hungry or has belly or head pain. Belly  is not bloated anymore. Bowel movements and urine strong ammonia smell has improved. Took a nap this week which is unlike him. He is not a napper.  Has some detox bumps round his neck and back.

New words: Elmo, counting 1-10, mimic mom, loves to sing “oh happy day”, point to nose, singing “rain, rain, go away”, blows with mouth, says:” Love you”. He did great adjusting to  summer school routine. When he is upset he can get severely  upset but does not last long  like it used to. If upset it lasts maybe 7 min or 30 mins tops.

Mom was very happy at the progress made in 4 months time.

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