Autism/PANDAS Testimonial and case study

This case is a family that I have been working with since May 2018. Ethan is and 8 year old boy with a history of frequent ear and sinus infections and a drastic change in his behavior after a strep infection. He presented with OCD, teeth grinding, sensory issues, chewing on clothes, constipation, rage, aggression Read More


Case study: Four year old with Autism/PANDAS/Apraxia

May 2015 The mother reported that her son was working with another homeopath  and he got very aggravated with a lot of hand swinging, striking out, screeching and brain cries, Client M: Autism/PANDAS/Apraxia Does not point or wave. Only says mom/dad Hyper, fast, busy, quick Ammonia smelling stool Stool liquid and undigested food in stools Read More


Chronic grief in special needs families. How homeopathy brought our family out of the dark.

        We all had the perfect vision of how our lives would be when we became parents. Most of us thought we would have a healthy baby and it will grow into an energetic toddler, have amazing fun times at kindergarten, get to go to the first dance in middle school, join Read More